The thought of a shark terrorizing beachgoers is an image that has frightened people since the days of ‘Jaws.’ But what happens when a creature terrorizes a shark?

That’s the question facing researchers in Australia who believe a shark may have been eaten by some sort of supershark.

The issue is being explored in a new documentary called 'Hunt for the Super Predator.'

Scientists were floored when a tracking device they put inside a nine-foot-long great white shark washed up on shore a few months later.

The team looked at the device and learned there had been a jump in temperature to go along with a decline of about 1,900 feet.

The researchers continue to look into what may have happened, but are seriously considering the theory some ‘mysterious creature that is much larger in size’ ate it, which, if true, means you may want to think twice the next time you go for a dip.