You may think you love summer, but you probably don't love it as much as these people.

About 14,500 revelers, a lot of who were decked out in total 'Lord of the Rings' attire, showed up at the famed and mystical Stonehenge in Wiltshire to celebrate the 2012 Summer Solstice. Mind you, this all happened on Thursday after torrential rain the night before and 20 other party goers were arrested for public offenses. Guess they were just partying a little too hard.

"Heavy rain during the night meant this was one of the lowest attendances in recent years," said a spokesman. "However the rain did stop in time for the sunrise ceremonies and although clouds obscured the sun, loud cheers and applause rang out among the ancient stones."

Check out some of the best photos from the Summer Solstice 2012 Stonehenge celebration below.