A disturbing thing happened the other day. A friend on Facebook confessed that she used to have the hots for Joe Lando AKA Sully from the '90s period soap 'Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.' Then an avalanche of 'Ohmahgawww SULLY!!' comments ensued. Well, ladies, now's your chance to find out whatever happened to that rugged outdoorsman with a penchant for scarves and feather necklaces. 

Joe Lando Sully Then Now
CBS / Wikipedia

Then: Before being cast as Sully, Joe Lando was on 'Guiding Light' and 'One Life to Live' as well as (and more importantly in our opinion) playing a pizza guy in 'I Love You to Death' and a bad guy in one episode of that 'Beauty and the Beast' show with Ron Perlman and Linda Hamilton. Man, that show was great. Maybe. It's hard to say since the last time we saw it we were six.

Now: Since 'Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman,' Lando's career has been a little bit under the radar, unless movies like 'Bloodsuckers' and 'Meteor Apocalypse' are on your radar, in which case Joe Lando is all over your radar. Sincerely, he's all up in it. OH -- he played a character in the CW series 'The Secret Circle,' but that show got canceled.

Ummmm ... so if that didn't turn out quite the way you had hoped. Here's a video so you can remember Joe Lando the way you always wanted to -- making out with Jane Seymour, who you can secretly pretend is you.