Then: Darrin Kenneth O'Brien AKA Snow gained international success with his debut single 'Informer.' O'Brien grew up in a rough neighborhood in Toronto, and Jamaican neighbors had introduced him to reggae music. He had just finished serving time in jail for assault when the song became a hit.

Now: Although Snow never again reached that level of success, his follow-up efforts made him a respected figure in the Jamaican music scene -- he had the top-selling single there in 1995. Drew Carey apparently *loved* snow, and had him record a reggae version of the show's theme for the final two seasons:

After his wife died of cancer in 2009, O'Brien began focusing his attention on charity. A cancer fundraiser he organized raised $15,000, while his group Pure Snow NGO helps people living in non-profit housing. He holds benefit concerts and makes charitable appearances to hand out supplies like backpacks full of school supplies to children living in public housing. Most recently, it looks like he makes an appearance in the Canadian comedy 'The Movie Out Here.'

No word on whether he's plotting a hip hop comeback. We're waiting, Snow...

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