If you thought Subway wasn’t going to budge an inch on its stance regarding the scandal over how long its footlong sandwiches really are, you’re wrong.

The restaurant chain has released a statement saying:

We have redoubled our efforts to ensure consistency and correct length in every sandwich we serve. Our commitment remains steadfast to ensure that every Subway Footlong sandwich is 12 inches at each location worldwide."

In a state of affairs that would have Jared shaking his head in disbelief, the chain has been accused of serving footlongs that are actually 11 inches long, thanks to a picture posted on Facebook by a man in Australia.

Well, instead of following the scent of sweet onion sauce, some people are now following the scent of money. Two men in New Jersey have filed a lawsuit over the fraudulent measurement, as has a fella in Chicago.

So, it seems that while Subway may be skimping out on the bread, patrons are trying to make sure they get their hands on as much bread as the restaurant has in the bank.

Quiznos better watch their back.

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