Five-dollar footlong?

How about $6.50 11-inch?

Subway has found itself at the center of a storm which proves that size does indeed matter. Here's the footlong and short of it: an Australian man identified as Matt Corby posted a photo of a 12-inch Subway sandwich on Facebook that actually measured 11 inches. The caption simply read, “subway pls respond.”

Social media certainly latched onto the story, with nearly 131,000 people “liking” the post and another 6,000 commenting on it.

The chain did indeed respond to the scandal by saying:

As you know, all of our sandwiches are made to order, and our bread is baked daily in every one of our more than 38,000 restaurants in 100 countries worldwide. We have policies and procedures in place to ensure that our products are consistent and have the same great taste no matter which Subway restaurant you visit.


We have seen the photo you referenced of a Subway sandwich that looks like it doesn’t meet our standards. We always strive for our customers to have the most positive experience possible, and we believe this was an isolated case in which the bread preparation procedures were unfortunately not followed."

Ironically, the photo that launched the controversy has been taken down, although several people have taken the cue and begun posting photos of their own downsized sandwiches on Facebook.

All we know is this is the biggest thing to hit Subway since Jared walked in on the day he started his infamous diet.