When a student fails a driving test, they sometimes respond emotionally.

This means driving instructors will be confronted with tears, begging and even the occasional bribe when their charge struggles to parallel park or just can't nail the three-point turn.

It was the cones that did in a 21-year-old student driver from Mayfield Heights, Ohio. As in, she hit one and automatically failed the test because of it.

Her emotional response to her failure began with yelling at the instructor. "Why didn't you tell me what I was doing? Where else can I take my test?" she reportedly kept screaming after she heard the bad news.

Then, when the instructor exited the car, the woman tried to run her over. Luckily the instructor dove out of the way just in time.

Police are now looking for the woman, who had been driving a white Hyundai with temporary tags.

Thanks to her dangerous combination of poor driving skills and extreme road rage, this is somebody we definitely feel will get further in life as a pedestrian

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