At first glance, Americans and Canadians are a very similar people. In fact, most folks from outside North America can't tell us apart. But a strange story from the US/Canada border suggests that our friendly neighbors have fundamental differences in their ability to hear certain sounds.

Residents in Windsor, Canada have been complaining for the past year about a mysterious hum so loud it rattles their windows. They blame the sound on a 600-acre industrial site which is located just over the river on the American side of the border. (Blame America? Whaaat?)

However, citizens of Rogue River, Michigan, which is also right next to the allegedly noisy site, claim they hear no such sounds.

"The only place I am hearing noise from is Canada-- from politicians complaining," Rogue River mayor Michael Bowdler quipped when questioned on the mystery.

But Windsor-ites claim the hum is all too real, and now Canada's Foreign Affairs Minister is involved in what is becoming the biggest rift between the United States and Canada since the 'SCTV' versus 'SNL' debates of the early '80s.

So far there has been no resolution to this crisis, but we'll make sure to keep you updated on any future developments. In the meantime, we hope our Canadian friends will let us know if they hear anything.

[via GMA]

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