Steve Jobs didn't invent the internet. (We all know who did that.) But the Apple founder certainly created a lot of elegant devices which helped to make Web browsing the second nature that it is today.

Jobs, who died last October, was honored as a visionary Monday Night during the 16th annual Webby Awards, which was hosted by Patton Oswalt

Among the other highlights of the evening was the awarding of the Meme of the Year, which went to Nyan Cat, and Louis CK's acceptance speech for Webby Person of the Year.

But it was the tribute to Jobs that is getting the most buzz. In the video, luminaries such as Bono, Bill Clinton, Jon Stewart and Barack Obama expressed their thanks to Jobs for all that he had accomplished. In keeping with the rules of the Webby's, they were only given five words each to express their gratitude.

See how they managed to squeeze their praise in below. You can also watch video of the complete Jobs tribute, and the Nyan Cat and Louis CK moments.