Today is a big day on the internet, as the 16th annual Webby Awards will stream live at 5:30pm. Patton Oswalt is hosting the meme-filled shindig, and to promote it he filmed a video in which he takes on the character of the notorious "internet troll."

According to the Urban Dictionary, a 'troll' is one who "posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument."

As you can tell from the antiqued language in that definition (who uses newsgroups anymore?), the troll has been around for a while, and, over the years, the unpleasant cyber-creature has become just as much a part of the internet as cats or videos of people falling down.

Watch Oswalt play an actual internet troll below. (Video is slightly NSFW due to the language of trolling.)

Do you feel any more sympathy for trolls now that you know how hard it is for them to type with their hoof hands?

And what's the deal with Oswalt putting on a British accent in the clip? Did the comedian just "troll" England? If so, well played.