Now that we are well into 2012, it is a pretty safe bet that apocalyptic movies are going to be trending all year long. Focus Features just released a new trailer for their upcoming romantic comedy called 'Seeking a Friend for The End Of World,' starring Steve Carell and Kiera Knightley, and it has been picking up a lot of internet buzz.

In the funny and offbeat trailer, a 70 mile wide meteor is on a collision course with Earth and there is no way to stop it from destroying mankind. Faced with impending doom, people try to knock-out everything on their bucket lists with the three remaining weeks that they have left.

When Steve Carell's wife leaves him he sets off on a journey to spend his remaining days with his high school sweet heart. Carell's character is being accompanied by his lovely neighbor, played by Kiera Knightley, who is trying to reach her family before time runs out.

Will they find true love? Will they end up together? If you can't answer that one, then you probably haven't watched many romantic comedies.