The members of the US women's gymnastics team have become huge celebrities, thanks to their gold-winning performance at the Olympics. But they're still teenagers, which means it's time for them to get summer internships. (After all, you can only pad your resume so much with Olympic medals.)

Since his last batch of interns for the 'Colbert Report' had conveniently just ended their term, Stephen Colbert was more than happy to oblige the "Fierce Five" -- or "five bright young women who just returned from some sort of study abroad program in London," as he described them -- with the opportunity to do some unpaid work.

To test the girls on their interning skills, Colbert sent out a request for a pen. After a series of impressive gymnastic feats (and a signature scowl from McKayla Maroney) the pen was delivered to Colbert by the foot of Jordyn Wieber. (There's even an appearance from Aly Raisman's overly enthusiastic mom.)

It was an impressive display. Tens all around. But what's going to happen when he asks for a piping hot cup of coffee? We can already hear the screams.

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