Squirrels can be pesky and annoying. They get into bird feeders, stealing food and making a mess. They chatter at you and your pets when you go outside. They run out in front of your car, causing you to swerve dangerously or just run them over like some kind of rodent serial killer. There definitely shouldn’t be a day set aside for appreciating them.

And yet, there is. For some reason, January 21st has been designated as Squirrel Appreciation Day. Back in 2001, Christy Hargrove, a wildlife rehabilitator from North Carolina, started this day to inspire people to learn more about squirrels and maybe leave them a little treat during the winter months when food is scarce.

We will do our part by enjoying all the entertainment squirrels can provide. That is, when they are annoying someone else. In appreciation for all the laughs they give us, here are a few of our favorite internet squirrels.

Drunk Squirrel

This squirrel got a bit, shall we say, impaired from eating fermented pumpkin. It’s hard to say whether or not he could recite the alphabet backwards, but it’s pretty clear he can’t climb a tree.

Fighting Show-Off Squirrels

These squirrels are putting on their own little show. Sure, it seems territorial and perhaps they are fighting over those seeds. But maybe they're just being a bit too 'Jersey Shore.' How would they really behave if the cameras were off?

Adorable Genius Squirrels

These guys are no dummies. The squirrels that is. They know how to get a free nut or two from a couple of dangerously trusting guys.

Foiled Hungry Squirrel

Have a problem with squirrels getting into your bird feeder? This frustrated chap demonstrates why you might make this your next seed dispensing purchase.

Mad Skills Squirrels

Squirrels can actually be quite talented. One squirrel proves how easy an obstacle course can be, while another proves that a candy bar doesn’t have to cost a buck-twenty-five.

Classic Water Skiing Squirrel

You haven’t lived until you’ve seen a waterskiing squirrel.

Jedi Squirrel

There is no try, little squirrel. Only do. Use The Force.

Squirrel Stuck in a Peanut Butter Jar

This video is called "Every Squirrel's Dream." Well, sure. Unless he's allergic to peanuts. Then it's a different story entirely.

Squirrels Dance to Michael Jackson

If loving videos where squirrels dance to Michael Jackson's 'Gonna Be Startin' Something' for absolutely no reason is wrong, we don't want to be right.

Ninja Squirrels VS Dumb Guys (NSFW)

This video--which features some stoners using NSFW language when faced with a trash can squirrel--should be shown in schools to teach kids about the dangers of recreational drug use.

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