As we all know, squirrels are whizzes at finding nuts.  But when it comes to most other things, the rodent species isn't always so bright.

In fact, it was the pursuit of nuts that did this squirrel from Philadelphia in, as it gets its head stuck in a leftover wrapper for pistachios. Check out the sorry sight below.

Some would argue the furball was just trying to lick the inside of the wrapper clean. Not so, says YouTube user mad8vskillz. "I can assure you he was stuck," he writes. "Before I thought of getting the phone out, he had run into a wall and a tree."

And the little guy did seem mighty excited when he finally was freed. As for its rescuer, he took caution because squirrels do have sharp teeth and potentially nasty diseases. Would you have risked infection and given the hapless squirrel a hand?