Mazda takes us back in time a bit, even as they show us how they’re moving into the future, with their new ‘Revolution’ commercial. They plan to take the Mazda we’ve known and loved all our lives and make it into the Mazda we’ll continue to love for years to come. But the song in the ad is really gaining buzz. So what’s the song?

The song is ‘Road Runner’ by Bo Diddley. Few song choices would've been a better blend of pure classic and hard-driving spirit. Diddley took the blues and helped make it rock-and-roll. There isn’t a single classic rock act that wasn’t influenced by “The Originator.”

A prolific rock guitarist and songwriter, Diddley released more than 20 albums in his lifetime, several of them being compilations and rereleases. ‘Road Runner’ first appeared on a 1960 release titled ‘Bo Diddley in the Spotlight’ and features Diddley’s signature beat.

Diddley suffered heart failure and passed away in 2008, leaving behind an unforgettable rock legacy. See the commercial, Bo Diddley performing his hit live and his memorable appearance in another classic commercial.

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