Most people have never actually seen the movie 'Snakes On A Plane.' But thanks to its descriptive name and an aggressive ad campaign based around star Samuel L. Jackson's proclivity for profanity, we all know the bad things that can happen if the slithery reptiles get loose on an aircraft.

This week, the passengers aboard an Egypt Air flight from Cairo to Kuwait learned that all it takes is one snake to wreck havoc on air travel.

The snake in question was a cobra, who belonged to a passenger who owns a reptile shop in Kuwait. The 48-year-old had tried to sneak the serpent on board in his carry-on luggage. The cobra got out of the bag when the plane was in the air, biting its handler's arm in the process. Once it escaped his clutches, it started slithering under seats.

This was a pretty deal, since a cobra's venom has the potential to kill a man in 15 minutes.

The flight made an emergency landing in an Egyptian resort town, and local authorities were able to capture and confiscate the cobra.

The snake's former owner, who must've developed some sort of immunity to cobra venom, refused medical attention, saying it was only a superficial bite. Now that's a move worthy of Sam Jackson.

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