A new disease has been founded in snakes that causes them to both act drunk and tie themselves into knots. Yes, this is a real thing. 

Let's put it out there: snakes are disgusting and terrifying creatures. There's no getting around that. They're freaky, panic-enducing reptiles that climb up walls without any hands or feet. Honestly, what's that about? But it's okay, because now they're getting a taste of their own bite from the big K... Karma.

Coined as the arenavirus 'Mad Snake Disease,' the disorder not only causes the snakes to become flailing knots but also to regurgitate food and 'stargaze' -- which can be seen in the video.

Michael Buchmeier, professor of infectious diseases at the University of California, Irvine, told SBS.com.au, 'The fact that we have apparently identified a whole new lineage of arenaviruses that may predate the New and Old World is very exciting." By exciting, you mean a sign of the end times, right doc?

Joseph Derisi, a UCSF Medical Investigator, explained to the AP that it could be some "ancestral version of the ones we now see in rodents today." He moves on to explain that it must be further analyzed in order to prevent accidental transfer to humans, though there has yet to be any evidence of that happening.

Whether or not college students will be buying up snakes and bringing them to frat parties as some sort of inebriated entertainment still remains to be seen, but the video alone is pretty crazy.

Thanks a lot,snakes. Yep, we still hate you.

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