While you may know former Guns N' Roses member (and current solo artist) Slash as a guitar god, we here at TheFW appreciate his love for our slithery, scaly friends. The rocker is a longtime fan of snakes, and at one point had over 80 of them in his home. (He gave them up after the birth of his son.) And as our pals at Loudwire recently discovered, he's also a fan of everyone's favorite Golden Girl.

A little while back, Slash filmed some ads for the Los Angeles Zoo's reptile exhibit "Lair" with fellow animal lover (and FW favorite) Betty White. The cute spots went viral, due in no small part to the pair's offbeat chemistry. (Do we smell a sitcom in their future?)

While speaking with Loudwire, Slash talked about his efforts for reptile preservation and about how much fun it was to work with White on the ads.

Loudwire: You’ve been in a bunch of commercials with Betty White for the LA Zoo. It’s really cool to see a public figure on television in a commercial that you actually enjoy watching. How did that come to be?

Slash: I’m on the board at the L.A. Zoo and Betty’s on the board at the L.A. Zoo, but we’re sort of the resident celebrities, I guess? We’re the most known public figures on the board. So there’s this new exhibit that’s been opened [and] that’s been highly anticipated for years, which is the new reptile exhibit. And I’m a big proponent of the whole, sort of, reptile support, and so they came to us and said, you know, ‘Would you want to do some ads to help promote the grand opening of ‘The Lair?,’ which is what it’s called. So we said ‘Yeah,’ and then they wrote up these commercials that we thought were pretty funny and we just spent an afternoon at the zoo doing these commercials. But I’ve known Betty for five or six years.

Loudwire: Through the zoo?

Slash: Yeah, but I’ve always been a fan of hers ever since ‘Mary Tyler Moore,’ and so she’s just this really frisky, energetic, little lady whose super, super sharp and hilarious. So yeah, we had a good time."

The thought of Slash and Betty being longtime friends is too funny. We can only imagine what they talk about over tea.

You can check out all of the adorably funny spots for the Los Angeles Zoo that Slash filmed with Ms. White below. To learn more about Slash's work with the LA Zoo and read his thoughts on his new solo album 'Apocalyptic Love' (out May 22nd), head over to Loudwire.

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