They might seem cute, fuzzy and fake in the eyes of someone with a college education and an unpaid mortgage, but Easter terrors are clearly harboring some kind of evil that only children can smell. The blog, Sketchy Bunnies, has been compiling the worst wabbits ever to grace the pages of a family's photo album. These are the sketchiest of the sketchy.

1. The Sketchy Bunny From the Island of Dr. Moreau

It's hard to know exactly what the kid was going for with this bunny outfit or even the purpose of his costume. Was he trying to create a human-rabbit hybrid for a class science project? Did he make it for his part in his school's production of 'The Mutant Rabbit-Man Who Ate Cleveland?' Even scarier, perhaps it's not a costume.

2. The Sketchy Bunny That Will Eat Your Soul If You Don't Get Back to Work

There is a reason that office parties are so awkward and creepy. The participants are already shackled together like oarsmen on a Roman galley and throwing cake into the mix just feels like a measly pittance being thrown as scraps to the lower decks. Hiring someone to dress like the bunny from your nightmares just feels like some creepy omen about corporate downsizing.

3. The Sketchy Bunny Without Any Eyes That Watches You While You Sleep

We're not sure if dreaming about being chased by monsters that don't have eyes has some deeper meaning. If something like this showed up in our heads while we're trying to get our eight hours, we'd be maxing out our credit card at our friendly neighborhood therapist's office.

4. The Sketchy Bunny That Will Take Your Kid and Force Liam Neeson to Find It and Kill It

We're not sure exactly why this poor girl's parents thought an "abduction motif" would make for a memorable Easter photo. Then again, it is memorable but it's not something we'd fondly remember over an Easter Sunday dinner with our parents when we're grown up, married and carrying a few kids of our own.

5. The Sketchy Bunny That's Edible and Wants to Eat You

Chocolate bunnies normally don't inspire fear. The very worst feeling they produce is guilt for wanting to put them inside your tummy. This one, however, makes us weep for all the delicious brethren we've digested from our very first Easter.

6. The Sketch Bunny That Can Always See What You're Doing

There was always something a little creepy about Santa Claus, the giant old man who "sees you when you're sleeping" and "knows if you've been bad or good." We always imagined he had his own CIA-style organization that kept tabs on all the world's children or used his elves to sneak into homes and schools and plants devices on us for his Christmas list. Even that hair-raising scenario isn't as frightening as the images that leap to mind after viewing this photo.

7. The Sketchy Bunny That's Mad at You and Will Never Accept You

People might think of bunnies as being all nice, sweet and innocent, but even they can have a dark side. We're not sure what gave this sour bunny a permanent sour-puss, but something tells us it's all our fault.

8. The Sketchy Bunny Carrying the Curse of Having No Eyelids

It's clear this bunny doesn't have the necessary organs and muscles to see or speak anything beyond a low, creepy groan. Even though we can't confirm that information with just a photo, something tells us our minds would fill in the blanks for us if we first saw this creature in person.

9. The Sketchy Bunny That's Appearing in Rob Zombie's Next Film

This is one of those images that we can still see, even if we try and shut it out of our mind. If you can't understand why this horror of Easter isn't completely terrifying, you're either dead inside or have a picture like this framed somewhere in your house. Either way, we pity you.

10. The Sketchy Bunny That's Very, Very Lonely

Who knows the story that led to this photo? Was it a rejected picture for an eHarmony profile? Were they trying to impress their boss at Petco? Frankly, we don't know and we'd prefer that it stay that way.