She didn't use booby traps, but a six-year-old New Jersey girl dealt with a home invasion just as effectively as Macaulay Culkin's character did in the classic holiday film 'Home Alone.'

The unnamed youngster was home sick from school when her mom went out on an errand. After seeing a car pull out of the driveway, burglar Sean Sisler entered the home through an unlocked basement door, thinking  it would be unoccuped.

Both Sisler and the girl got quite a shock when they ran into each other. Sisler fled the house and the girl ran up to her bedroom, locked the door and called 911. The authorities nabbed Sisler ten minutes later, and the little girl completed her crime-fighting efforts by identifying the 31-year old, who was arrested on burglary and theft charges.

Next up for the little girl? Catching those dastardly "Wet Bandits." (Check out Marv and Harry in action below.)

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