Hate being disturbed by the help while shopping? Wish someone would come and offer some assistance? Either way, this is for you.

Look at this photo of some clever handheld shopping baskets in a Korean store. One basket indicates "I can do myself," i.e. no one from the store needs to come to your aid. The other basket stipulates "I need help," which means an employee's experise would be greatly appreciated.

The photo appeared on Reddit, where people were pleased to see such a development.

As novel a concept as this is, it's not without its shortcomings, as one Redditor pointed out:

Can you imagine the scenario when a customer changes their mind. 'Hi, do you know where I can find the spaghetti sauce?' 'I'm sorry sir but you choose the green colored cart, I can't help you.'

There's also the issue of what happens when one type of basket is not available because they're all being used. Still, it's an interesting innovation and something that could be used to great effect, especially during the Christmas season when shoppers are out in abundance. It's also another step in the no-help needed direction. Would you use it?