They say it's a dog eat dog world, but the wrong animal may be in that expression.

A surprising scene unfolded last week at COEX Aquarium in Seoul, South Korea when one shark ate another in what looked like some gruesome dinner theater.

A spokesman for the aquarium said the female sand shark gobbled up the other because they had a disagreement over space:

The sand tiger shark's instincts are to attack if its territory is threatened, especially during breeding periods."

The tiger who filled her tummy is eight years old, while her victim was a five-year-old male. And this was hardly fast food, either: the shark spent 21 hours eating her former roommate.

The spokesman also said the shark would spit up his meal, although it could take as much as a week, which would be avisitors would probably never forget.

Take a look at a longer version of the shark's surprise meal below:

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