Basketball legend Shaquille O'Neal was recently outed as a go-kart lover by TMZ and the pictures of his joyride in the itty-bitty car were a sight to behold. But trying to squeeze his 7' 1" frame into a toy Jeep proved nearly impossible on 'Conan' last night.

"I like to feel small. So, I like to ride things that I can't fit in," said O'Neal, explaining his love of tiny vehicles. "People say, 'He can't get into that.' I'll be, like, 'Watch this.'"

Indulging O'Neal, Conan O'Brien gave him the option of riding a miniature police car or pink Jeep right before the commercial break. Without hesitation, O'Neal chose the Jeep, but fell off as he attempted to squeeze in. No injuries were sustained, and O'Neal remounted the car and rode away.

Watch the clip below -- you can see the full interview here.

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