With the release of the male stripper movie 'Magic Mike,' Channing Tatum is about to be admired far and wide for his abs. But, as the 32-year old revealed by appearing on 'Saturday Night Live,' he would also like to be known for his sketch comedy abilities.

During Tatum's visit to 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon' he joined the host for the reoccurring 'Ew' segment.

In the sketch, Fallon plays a teen girl who likes to -- well -- say "ew" a lot. See how Tatum did as "Sara without the h's" bestie Susie Callahan.

We can all agree that Tatum makes for an even more horrifying 15-year-old girl than Fallon. However his ability to mimic teen-speak does prove to be up to par.

We also learned, in the very funny sketch, that Dustin Hoffman has fans in the teen girl community.  But can the Oscar-winner strip down, oil up and entertain a crowd of screaming grown women? Actually, that's a question we'd rather not see answered.

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