Thanks to some of the best minds of our time, we're finally being given concrete tips that will help us get over those horrid headaches we experience after a night of partying.

Hangover cures have been thrown around for decades. But now, thanks to good old-fashioned science, we finally have one we can trust.

It's so simple! Who knew? God bless science and YouTube!

Here's what we've gleaned from this video:

Eat Fatty Foods Before Drinking: They help lessen stomach irritation. And carbs? They help ease nausea.

Drink Water: Drink it before, during and after drinking. When you drink, you urinate more of it out than you take in. So if you drink more water before, during and after, your other organs don't have to absorb that water from the brain, causing it to shrink and ultimately cause a headache.

Choose Lighter Color Liquors: Alcohol such as bourbon, red wine and brandy contain extra toxic chemicals that your body has to get rid of.

Beer Before Liquor, Never Been Sicker: Yes! It's true! Carbonation increases the absorption of alcohol, creating a more intense hangover. And who wants that?

Aspirin Before Bed: Not Tylenol! But let's face it... who's going to remember to take medicine before bed?

Breakfast Counts: What you have in the morning can help or hinder your hangover. Eggs? Eat them! Bananas? Do it up! Fruit Juice? Heck yes.

According to the video, the most important rule is to "know your limit." But that's no fun, right?

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