"Life Hacks" are tips and tricks to make your life easier. They're easy fixes for common problems, such as brain freeze or keeping electronic cords organized. Life Hacks cleverly increase productivity and efficiency. Check out these 10 life hacks to make your everyday life easier.

Cure Brain Freeze

While eating cold foods too quickly, sometimes you can't help getting that painful sensation we call brain freeze. What's interesting is that this condition has nothing to do with your brain getting cold. Instead, it's a nerve response to something cold touching the roof of your mouth.

But if you don't want to give up those yummy slushies just yet (or at the very least, drink them a little more slowly), we've got the cure for you. Super simple and super easy, this cure doesn't require medicine or any outside materials at all. As you can see in the video above, the cure is a simple as pushing your two front teeth really hard. (You can also put your tongue on the roof of your mouth.) This helps block the nerve that causes pain behind the eye. So now you can guzzle those Slushies without fear of crippling head pain.

Peel Bananas the Right Way

Most of us think we've got banana eating down. Just pull at the handle looking thing on the top and open the peel. Sometimes though, bananas are impossible to open -- the handle is just too bendy and refuses to break. For an easier, quicker way to peel a banana, watch the video above. It shows the right way to peel (from the bottom of the banana) just like monkeys do it. Monkey see, monkey do.

Ice Cold Drink in 2 Minutes

Want an ice cold drink, but forgot to put it in the fridge? No need to wait for it to get cold -- just watch this video and learn how to make room temperature cans chilled in just two minutes. Turns out you can mimic a freeze with some ice, a bowl and some water. Helpful for parties when guests need a cold drink fast.

No Kill Mouse Trap

Mouse Trap

To make a homemade mouse trap that keeps the mouse alive, just follow these steps. First, take a toilet paper tube and crease the two lines to make a flat tunnel. Then, put a treat at one end, such as cheese or peanut butter. Balance the tube with the treat end hanging on a counter or table over a large bucket or trash can. The mouse will run into the tunnel for the treat and fall into the bucket. Once the mouse is in the bucket, you may dispose of it outside at your convenience.

Binder Clip Beverage Stacker

Beverage Stacker

Binder clips aren't just for holding together papers. They can also be used around the house to solve problems in a quick and easy way. Problem stacking your bottles in the fridge? Just stick a binder clip on the side to stop the bottom from rolling. Surprisingly, it's the perfect size for this function.

Tennis Ball Jar Opener

Tennis Ball Jar Opener

If you don't have a jar opener, just search your sporting equipment for a tennis ball. You can easily make a cheap jar opener out of a standard yellow ball. All you need is a tennis ball and a knife. Cut the ball along the seam for a pair of jar openers with a handy rubber grip.

Bread Tags as Cord Labels

Cord Labels

The back of our desk is a world we fear to enter. The maze of wires is just too overwhelming, and don't even think about asking us which wire belongs with which device. Luckily, these handy little tags that usually are used to close bread bags are perfect to use as labels. So while you're under the desk trying to unplug the computer without unplugging the rest of your devices, you'll know exactly which cord belongs where.

Flip Over Muffin Pan to Make Cookie Bowls

Cookie Bowls

Here's an easy way to make edible bowls for ice cream or other yummy things. Just flip over a muffin tin and shape the cookie dough over the bumps. No fancy new equipment required. Here's a recipe for the cookie dough, though any dough would be fine.

Cut a Bagel the Correct Way

Think you know how to cut a bagel? Think again. This is the correct way to cut a bagel -- well, mathematically correct, that is. With just one continuous cut, you get interlocking halves of a bagel - - perfect for those people who just can't seem to keep track of both halves of their breakfast. Plus, each half is in the shape of a Mobius strip, which is super (nerdy) cool.

Carry Your Gym Shoes With The Klitch

The Klitch

Tired of your dirty cleats messing up your gym bag? Or maybe you want an easy way to carry your gym shoes from work to your workout. The Klitch is a quick grip device design to attach a pair of shoes together to take on the go. It's perfect for trips to the gym when you're carrying your shoes and makes travel so much easier. Check out a video demonstration of The Klitch in action below.

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