Being a TV chef has to be an extremely tough job. Think about it-- that person has to cook and talk at the same time. Sheesh, that's rough. While there are extremely engaging cooks on camera-- like Mama June whipping up her famous "sketti" -- that talent is rare. That's why we understand this guy's struggles. Well, sort of.

We're a little confused as to why host Steven Reed of Weber State University's Weber Cooks is feeling so blue. He's easily the saddest chef in the history of television, which makes his recipes downright depressing. Except, there is an upside to it all: Reed's recipes are super easy, to the point where the only complicated factor is punching in the cook time on the microwave.

In this episode, the Weber Cooks man shares with us how to master the art of the chili cheese nacho, seasoned with a few of his salty tears. To be fair, we do appreciate his instructions regarding taking off a jar's lid and putting things in the microwave. That's something we forget to do when we're tired and/or heavily inebriated. His nachos also do look slightly appetizing, too. Just slightly.

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