Maybe Subway is stepping up their game a tad. They've made it abundantly clear that they now have avocados and sriracha sauce, and they will NOT be putting ketchup on anybody's sandwich. At all. They don't even have ketchup, and one employee was willing to fight to prove it. They don't call them sandwich artists for nothing.

Sandwich artist Lawrence Ordone was fired from his job at an Orange County, Florida, Subway for an altercation that began when customer Luis Martinez ordered American cheese, onions and ketchup on his Philly cheesesteak. Ordone told Martinez Subway doesn't even have ketchup, and Martinez said he didn't want it without ketchup. Then the fighting began, with Ordone telling Martinez to fight him "like a man," and allegedly threatening to kill him in front of his wife.

Clearly this is a man who takes his job VERY seriously. Or did. Now that it's not his job anymore, we guess he just takes sandwiches very seriously.

Ordone was not arrested, and apparently his case is being forwarded to the State Attorney's office to decide whether or not prosecution is in order.

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