Heartthrob and internet hero Ryan Gosling returned to his native Canada on Wednesday to attend his mother's graduation from Brock University, and the visit cause a frenzy of fevered reporting by local outlets. Hey Canada, it's okay to admit you love Gosling.

According to InsideHalton.com, Gosling and girlfriend Eva Mendes visited a local Starbucks and ordered coffee, water and muffins. (Yes, there's even a detailed report on exactly what they ordered.)

Then, Gosling attended his mother's graduation ceremony and "jumped to his feet, clapping and taking pictures" as she received a bachelor's degree in Education, according to the Toronto Sun.

Although Gosling refused to give interviews to reporters, he was described as "affable" and said, "This is my mom's day."

From there, Gosling and Mendes headed to Niagara Falls, where the entire trip -- even what they wore -- was subjected to serious media scrutiny.

As Gosling shows, you can go home again, but the paparazzi will probably be there waiting.

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