Russia may not have the arsenal it once had, but it's hoping to build an interesting weapon to add to its armory: a zombie gun.

No, they don't have a problem with zombies. And besides, if they did, building a weapon specifically designed to fight the undead would be unnecessary since we already have one that can do the job. It's called every gun, heavy object and garden tool on the planet. Just aim for the head and you'll be fine.

In this case, Russian officials are trying to create a less-lethal weapon that can immobilize crowds of people using electromagnetic rays. Russian President Vladmir Putin himself confirmed the existence of the project.

The gun stops its target by attacking the victim or victims' central nervous system and rapidly raising their body temperature, putting them in a zombie-esque state. The effect, according to Russian defense minister Anatoly Seryukov, makes them feel as though they were "thrown into a frying pan."

Not much else is known about the weapon, except that it produces a very powerful feeling. Serdyukov said that even some of their special forces soldiers have a hard time fighting the effect. Frankly, we'd feel safer if governments were working on producing actual zombies instead.