The key to the Ridiculously Photogenic Guy meme wasn't just that Zeddie Little is a very handsome man. What made it all so "ridiculous" was that Zeddie's good looks shined through while he was running a half-marathon, which would be a time most people's mugs would be rendered heinous by sweat and facial contortions caused by heavy breathing.

But Zeddie has nothing on Rachel, a 28-year-old who recently had surgery to remove 60% of her lung at the Cleveland Clinic.

Rachel, who suffers from congenital emphysema, is a member of the Reddit community and after she posted on the website a photo of herself looking very pretty despite having just been through the extremely serious medical procedure, the "Ridiculously Photogenic Surgery Girl" meme was born.

Rachel has been released from the hospital since the photo was taken, and reports she is doing well, despite a few minor setbacks.

She also thanked everybody who contributed to the meme, saying it really cheered her up during a dark and scary time.

I don’t get hit on all the time (maybe because I don’t like leaving my house if I don’t have to) and I feel pretty average," she posted on Reddit. "People have been saying so many nice things about me the last few days. I’ve never felt more beautiful. Thank you :)"

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