Ever wonder what viral video masters Rhett & Link do when they aren't bringing the likes of Chuck Testa to the world?

Well, it turns out the "Commercial Kings" spend their time being really manly. Like so manly that Ron Swanson's voice would go up a few octaves and his mustache would fall off if he was in their presence.

But there can only one manliest man in the world, so the partners have engaged in a very agro battle rap to determine which of them is the manliest man who ever manned.

We learn, from this musical showdown, that Rhett and Link both really like power tools. They also have some questionable grooming habits that would badly maim lesser males.

However, in the end, they are both no match for their wives and their feminine demands for diaper changes and reality TV watching. So the title of maliest man does come with a pretty big caveat. But who do you think captured it, Link (the one with the glasses) or Rhett?