A dog on TikTok is amassing quite the fan club after her relentless pursuit to run off with her owner's underwear.

'Winnie, Let Go Of My Panties'

TikTok user raycaralevy recently shared a video of her dog Winnie. The three-year-old bernedoodle (part Bernese mountain dog, part standard poodle) had always been portrayed as a friendly pup in past videos uploaded to the account.

This one was a little different.

In the brief video, Winnie is using all of her energy and strength to tug at her owner's underwear.

Unfortunately, the owner was on the toilet and still partially wearing the underwear when Winnie decided she should have them.

"Winnie, let go of my panties," a voice says as Winnie continues to stretch the resilient underwear to their limits.

The video has been viewed nearly 50 million times in less than a week.

Was Winnie Being A Bad Dog?

Those who commented on Winnie's behavior still think she is a very good girl. Most of the response to the video has actually been centered on the rather durable underwear.

"My question is what are who made of? LOL, those things will stretch to the next room," TikTok user blonde_chick_23 commented.

Others wanted to know the specific brand after seeing how well they held up to Winnie's strong tugging ability.

Winnie's owner says the pup is "definitely the cutest, but very naughty." She has since shared additional videos of Winnie enjoying her newfound fame.

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