In yet another example of animated characters brought to life, Disney has recreated the famous Italian restaurant scene from 'Lady and the Tramp' by using real-life dogs. And although the pups don't exactly give the most stellar performance, it's mighty entertaining just the same.

Created as a way to mark the release of a special edition DVD/Blu-Ray combo pack of the animated classic, this ad features a shaggy pooch as the lovable mutt Tramp and a King Charles Spaniel as the well-heeled Lady.

Both pooches seem more fixated on off-camera trainers than on each other, but they do a commendable job of recreating the movie's spaghetti kiss. Tramp even noses a meatball toward Lady, just like he did in the movie. Can you feel it? Love is definitely in the air for these two.

One thing is for sure: this recreation is a heckuva lot more wholesome (and less nauseating) than Courtney Stodden's attempt to do the same.