When did every grown-up get together and decide that kids should be impressed, or at the very least, amused by the sight of a grown man or woman dressed like an over-sized animal?

It isn't enough to frighten children every year with the Easter Bunny. Kids also have to face the reality that Barney, Big Bird, The Teletubbies (they're animals, right?), every baseball animal mascot and the terrifying Purple Panda from 'Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood' only exist for their parent's enjoyment. Witness the video below, where the aforementioned Purple Panda completely freaks out a classroom of kids.

When Mr. McFeely came to visit a classroom full of excitable children in Pennsylvania Center, he was forced to do some serious damage control after introducing his pal, Purple Panda. The children were immediately reduced to tears by the very sight of him, leaving Mr. McFeely to explain that the oddly-colored panda was actually just a guy pretending to be Purple Panda in a ridiculous jumpsuit.

Let's be honest. Does anyone really enjoy watching a dopey, man-sized stuffed animal bumble around like some kind of nightmarish freak of nature? Not really. But it is pretty funny to watch one of them clear out a room of scared little tykes. Come to think of it, maybe that is the REAL reason that we expose our kids to these child deceiving charlatans in goofy costumes. Because it is hilarious.