You may recognize DJ Kitty from viral videos such as this one. But the turntable spinning feline is more than just an internet star. He has also been used for the past few seasons as a scoreboard gimmick to fire up the crowds at Tampa Bay Rays' games, much like the notorious rally monkey is used by the Anaheim Angels.

In fact, DJ Kitty has been such a hit at the ballpark that this year the Rays have graduated him to a full-fledged man-in-a-suit mascot. Like the video cat who spawned him, mascot DJ Kitty comes complete with backward Ray's hat and a cowbell around his neck.

But don't worry fans of Tampa Bay's current mascot Raymond, a hairy sea-creature of of indeterminate origin. DJ Kitty won't be replacing that big oaf. Instead the pair will be co-mascots. We're not sure exactly how that works, but since the cat is a DJ maybe Raymond can do a bit of rapping.

Check out a photo of DJ Kitty below.