Conan O'Brien knows a good thing when he sees one. So for the third time since last week he ran a Puppy Conan segment, in which adorable little dogs play the parts of late night host, sidekick and guest.

Like the previous two times, Puppy Conan and Puppy Andy displayed an aversion to sitting still, and spent most of their time ignoring the camera and wandering around the miniature set. After a bit of that badness, a puppy version of 'Conan' band-member Richie "LaBamba" Rosenberg was brought into the mix for the first time, complete with a trombone. However this did nothing to improve the behavior of Puppy Conan and Puppy Andy, and in fact sent them into a frenzy of, uh, well you'll see below...

Of course the big moment comes when Puppy Lady Gaga was introduced as a guest. Yes, even her puppy doppelganger gets carried out on a glass cage by a bunch of semi-nude male servants.

But instead of getting down from her perch and interacting with the other dogs, Gaga had her man-servants walk her right through the set without stopping. What a diva! (We'd say something more female dog-appropriate, but we're not that kind of website.) Despite this snub, the third episode of Puppy Conan was a success. And when Conan promised he was going to eventually do a full hour of the format, we sort of believed him.

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