Now that we know it's going to be the New England Patriots vs. the New York Giants in Super Bowl XLVI, the next logial question is, "who's going to be playing in the Puppy Bowl?"

Fans of adorable pups will be happy to learn that Animal Planet has just announced the starting lineups for their now annual event, which runs counter to the Super Bowl and features rescue dogs frolicking about on a miniature gridiron field of their own.

Below are some photos and fun facts provided by Animal Planet about a few of the pooches that we're going to be really watching during this year's fun. You can see the entire lineup (and learn how you can adopt these irresistible furballs) on the Animal Planet website.

Name: Aberdeen
Breed(s): Australian Shepherd Mix
Sex: Male
Age: 10 weeks
Fun Fact: Saving to buy a sailboat
Adoption Organization: Sullivan County SPCA

Name: Joni
Breed(s): Rat Terrier
Sex: Female
Age: 10 weeks
Fun Fact: Constantly confused with siblings Pinky, Richie and Fonzi
Adoption Organization: Tails of Love Rescue

Name: Brandy
Breed(s): Pit Bull/Collie Mix
Sex: Female
Age: 11 weeks
Fun Fact: Favorite comedian is Canine O'Brien
Adoption Organization: Pennsylvania SPCA

Name: Fumble
Breed(s): Chihuahua/Terrier Mix
Sex: Male
Age: 9 weeks
Fun Fact: Has every Bow Wow song on his iPawd
Adoption Organization: SPCA LA

Name: Hunter
Breed(s): Boxer
Sex: Male
Age: 9 weeks
Fun Fact: Plans to go into politics
Adoption Organization: Go Goxer Rescue