Ready for the big game? Of course we're referring to The Puppy Bowl! Recently, we offered a sneak peek at Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl starting line-up. Now we're giving you a closer  look at each contender.

The pups have been chosen and are working on their game already. Every one of them is hoping to chew up the competition, or at least a squeaky toy or two. But who will take the title of puppy champ? We've got stats and odds on each of the contenders.

It's time to meet....



Breed(s): Chihuahua/Terrier Mix

Sex: Male

Age: 9 weeks

Cuteness Scale: 10

Tail wag estimate: 177 wpms (wags per minute)

Fumble is clearly at the top of the list of pups to watch in the Puppy Bowl this year. In practice, he has already gone off the charts in adorability and waggily tail. Chihuahuas and terriers are agile and athletic dogs with a lot of stamina, but we wonder if his name will turn out to be prophetic. But Fumble is definitely a pup to keep an eye on.

Come back tomorrow for a look at a new Puppy Bowl contender! And don't forget to watch the Puppy Bowl, February 5th at 3pm on Animal Planet.