Ready for the big game? Of course we're referring to The Puppy Bowl! Recently, we offered a sneak peek at Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl starting line-up. Now we're giving you a closer look at each contender.And this guy has his game face on. (Trust us, it's an adorable one.)

The pups have been chosen and are working on their game already. Every one of them is hoping to chew up the competition, or at least a squeaky toy or two. But who will take the title of puppy champ? We've got stats and odds on each of the contenders.

It's time to meet....



Breed(s): Jack Russell/Pug Mix

Sex: Male

Age: 15 weeks

Cuteness Scale: 9 Awwws

Tail wag: 155 wpms (wags per minute)

A healthy, robust dog like all Jack Russells, Baskin is into working out and running hard, so he eats yardage like Pac-Man gobbles those little dots. There are a lot of famous Jack Russells and he intends to be one of them. And it’s lucky for Baskin that he has the strong will of a Pug. So while he won’t seem too aggressive, he will get the job done. And with minimal drool.

Come back tomorrow for a look at a new Puppy Bowl contender! And don't forget to watch the Puppy Bowl, February 5th at 3pm on Animal Planet.