If there’s anything cuter than a bucket full of puppies, we don’t want to know about it, because we’re pretty sure we couldn’t handle it.

The owners of a dozen, newly minted dobermans decided that not only would using a bucket for transport to weekly vet checkups be handy, it would be absurdly cute.  They were not wrong.  Observe!

Look! Newborn puppies sleeping and snuggling. Isn’t it ridiculously cute how they've arranged themselves tetris-style to snuggle comfortably without overlapping?

Puppies in bucket

When the puppies are two weeks old, they begin to bunch up and fill the bucket.  It doesn’t look comfortable, but the puppies don’t seem to mind.

two week bucket puppy

One week later, they’re still asleep and filling that bucket. Proof that, much like college students, small dogs can sleep just about anytime, anywhere and in any position.

three week bucket puppy

When the puppies hit the month mark, those hounds are stacked two deep. Those growing brown patches on their faces are absurdly cute, aren’t they?

4 week puppy bucket

Five week old puppies have turned the corner from near constant slumber and into the hellion state of puppydom. True to form, these little critters look to be formulating an escape plan from their containment. Look at all those tiny paws!

five week bucket puppy

At six weeks, the puppies seem to have discovered the camera, and their inner hams.

6 week puppy bucket

By seven weeks the pups have been upgraded to a crate, which is basically the cutest puppy jail ever. The “inmates” seem nonplussed.

seven week bucket puppy

...and finally, here’s their ten week old group shot.  One last awwwww of the whole lot before they’re adopted to their human households. Squee!!!

10 week puppy

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