Zombies are everywhere. They're on your TVs. They're in your chicken nuggets. Some people even think the ghouls might be behind the gruesome acts of cannibalism and dismemberment that have been popping up in the news lately.

So since we all seem to have the undead on the mind, this is as good a time as any to dress like a zombie and try to scare innocent folks. Last week a prankster in Florida pulled this stunt. Now Alki Stevens, an internet provocateur in Australia, has followed suit.

Stevens is most famous for pioneering the subversive drive-thru technique of cone-ing. But here he hilariously jumps on the zombie train, complete with an edible brain to really freak people out.

However, we do think Stevens needs to do a bit of work on his zombie moan. To us it sounds more like an old man with a pulled muscle than an unstoppable walker drunk on human brains.