It was fried, but it may not have been chicken.

A woman claims a Popeyes in New York City served her family a fried rat. And here you were thinking rats only gravitated toward pizza.

Health officials are looking into the matter.

Thomas also wrote, "My daughter is traumatized. I had to take her to urgent care last night, vomited with diarrhea all day."

According to DNAinfo, the restaurant in question got an "A" during its most recent inspection in April, although a previous report stated the eatery was "not vermin proof" and that provided an environment conducive to "attracting vermin to the premises and/or allowing vermin to exist."

The franchise and the parent company are also investigating the matter.

This isn't the first time a popular fried chicken outfit has been accused of spiking rodent in its food, either. Last year, KFC dealt with the same PR nightmare, which means it may be time to give Bojangles' a try.

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