Remember Knut, the polar bear cub who charmed Germany and then the world in 2006? Well, if you thought that little furball was cute, wait until you get a load of his half-sister Anori.

Born to the same father as most famous polar bear we've ever known, the almost three-month old Anori made her debut at the Wuppertal Zoo in Germany this week. And the early word is we may have another arctic sensation on our hands.

Anori wasn't rejected by her mother like Knut -- who had to be raised by zookepers -- was. But she seems to display the same affinity for performing as her late half-brother did.

However, Anori's keepers may limit her exposure to crowds. It has been said that Knut became a publicity addict and would cry when there was nobody near his enclosure. They don't want Anori to suffer the same fate.

Knut died unexpectedly last year after suffering from brain inflammation. We can only hope Anori handles her fame better and lives a long and happy life.