Polar Bears

15 Signs Your Pet Is an Introvert
You think you know your pet, but do you *know* your pet? Would you, for example, say your guinea pig is a Betty or a Veronica? What's your iguana's opinion on repealing the Glass-Steagall Act? Most importantly, DO YOU EVEN KNOW YOUR FERRET'S MYERS-BRIGGS PERSONALITY TYPE????!! Is your…
Lazy Polar Bear Just Wants to Chill Out
It's always amusing when animals display human traits. But this polar bear filmed in the wild is something else altogether. In fact, as he stretches and yawns while reclining on a bed of kelp, he strikes us more like the polar bear version of Al Bundy.
Polar Bear Football
Coke's Polar bear mascots have some fun in one of the beverage giant's Super Bowl ads this year. In the spot, which will run in the second quarter, the lovable animated beasts are having a Super Bowl party, drinking coke of course. When one bear tosses a bottle of the sweet stuff to a…