Last month, corporate-minded rapper Pitbull sponsored a contest in conjunction with Walmart in which he would visit the franchise of the superstore that accumulated the most "likes" on Facebook.

Something Awful writer and trickster David Thorpe decided it would be funny if he got everybody to "like" the Walmart in Kodiak, Alaska -- thus forcing Pitbull to fly up to the arctic land even Taco Bell ignores.

Harnessing the power of Twitter, Thorpe's #Exile Pitbull campaign was a success and Kodiak received by far the most "likes" of any Walmart.

But instead of sulking over the insult, Pitbull turned social media lemons into lemonade. The Miami rapper showed up at the island outpost of 6,000 Monday and enthusiastically accepted the key to the city from Kodiak's mayor, who wore a pair of Pitbull's signature sunglasses.

"Thank U Kodiak ... I am honored, truly," Pitbull tweeted along with a picture of him posing alongside traditional Alutiiq dancers.

And to show there is no hard feelings toward the man who exiled" him, Pitbull actually flew David Thorpe out to Alaska to cover the event. Check out a picture of the two below. From the looks on their faces, rural Alaska isn't such an awful place to be after all.