This week we had some natural disasters and, as usual, some very unusual animal photos. Take a look at the Colorado wildfire tragedy, the world ugliest dog, a very cute and talented dog and a dog that may be just a T-shirt (you have to see it to believe it). 

Plus, we have a picture of Oreo's very rainbow support of gay rights. We have all the best pics of the week, the sad, the funny and the infamous right here.

Wildfires Ravage Colorado

Tropical Storm Debby Floods Parts of Florida

Mugly Named World's Ugliest Dog

Uggie Immortalized in Cement

Oreo's Rainbow Cookie Supports Gay Pride

Jack Hanna Brings a Gator to the 2012 Daytime Emmys

Talk about chillin...

Luke, I am your father... and a hot-air balloon

Best Shirt Ever?

No, Best Dog Ever

This is not going to end well..

RIP small gummy bear, you will be missed

Stop Coddling Your ChilD, Says The Onion

Lonesome George, you lived a long and happy life. You will be missed