While it often gets overshadowed by Valentine's Day (or Singles Awareness Day), February 15th is Phil Collins Day. And a much-deserved day it is for a man who emerged from behind his Genesis drum set to sell more than 150 million albums world wide as a solo artist. 

The epicenter of Phil Collins Day in the United States is Brooklyn (of course), which last year hosted a parade for the man with the fascinating hairline.

This year Brooklynites, and anyone who can find their way to the borough, are being encouraged to go to 60 Freeman Street. There they will find a video confessional, where Collins fans can record anonymous confessions of love, loss, hurt, obsession and degradation. (You know, the material of every great Phil Collins song.) These tapes will eventually be sent to Collins, who could potentially incorporate them into future lyrics.

But if you can't make it to Brooklyn, there is another great way to celebrate Collins' impressive legacy-- his catchy, smooth music. Ten of his best hits, and the trailer from his movie vehicle 'Buster,' are below.

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