Then: We all know Hallie Kate Eisenberg as the adorable "Pepsi Girl" from those '90s-era commercials. She charmed America with her signature dimples and that way of demanding a glass of her favorite beverage in the voices of Marlon Brando, Aretha Franklin and Joe Pesci.

It was this perfect mix of confidence and cuteness that got her roles in 'Paulie,' 'Beautiful,' 'Bicentennial Man' and many other movies.

Watch Hallie Eisenberg's 'Godfather' Pepsi Commercial

Now: Eisenberg's most recent screen role was in the indie film 'Holy Rollers' opposite her older brother and 'The Social Network' star Jesse Eisenberg. Clearly this story of Hasidic Brooklyn teenagers trying to smuggle ecstasy is a far cry from her G-rated TV spots.

The now 19-year-old studied at East Brunswick High School in New Jersey and has relatively stayed away from the spotlight. Her last Tweet from 2010 reads, "Studying." We can only imagine that she's still doing just that. Follow her on Facebook, MySpace and Twitter.