Paul Ryan

VP Debate Gets Autotuned With Hilarious Results
Much like the presidential debate from last week, the debate between vice president Joe Biden and Paul Ryan has also received the ol' autotune treatment. Unlike the presidential debate song, which was frankly a little creepy -- this one is pretty funny...
Last Night’s VP Debate in Gifs, Memes and More
The 2012 presidential race once again set the internet on fire. There were gifs, fake twitter accounts, an AMAZING hairswap and all the other stuff that comes from people who live their lives online briefly taking an interest in politics. It helps that Joe Biden is a very expressive man. Here are some of our favorite bits from around the web.
The Best of the Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan Photoshops
Sarah Palin may have had her hands full with 'Saturday Night Live' sketches, but it looks like this Republican Vice Presidential Candidate will have something more technologically advanced to contend with: Photoshop. After Paul Ryan was announced as Romney's running mate, the internet of course went wild. Our favorite Paul Ryan meme so far is the Paul Ryan Gosling meme.
The Best of the ‘Paul Ryan Gosling’ Meme
When it was announced that Republican Paul Ryan would be running as Mitt Romney's sidekick for vice president, the world noticed a few things. One, the guy's name is two first names and that is just plain ridiculous. Two, this dude is in shape, and, three, his surname shares a first name with American superstar and internet sensation Ryan Gosling. Oh Ryan, how do we love thee? Let us meme the ways